Substation Surveys

Electrical substations are designed to step down high voltages using transformers.

They range in size, but all produce electromagnetic fields via the associated electrical cables and conductors. If strong enough, these EMFs can cause adverse health effects in people. We have decades of experience in assessing EMFs from substations and associated sources. Our award-winning Chartered Radiation Protection Professionals can accurately assess these fields and recommend mitigation measures to ensure that employees are protected from exposure hazards. For more information, please get in touch.


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Dr Richard Findlay

Substations In or Near Your Facility?

Is your company building near an existing substation or installing a new substation? Unsure as to the health risks presented by substation? We can help. Our specialists can efficiently assess any size of substation. We can measure or model the electromagnetic fields produced, and provide an assessment report to the highest possible standards. The result? Clients can be certain that their facilities or projects comply fully with EMF regulations.

As the UK’s leading electromagnetic specialists, our highly skilled assessors have worked with some of Europe’s largest companies. Our technical knowledge and advice can assure clients that their workforce, whether they are ‘standard’ workers or workers with cardiac devices (‘workers at particular risk’) are protected from EMF exposure hazards presented by substations.

Quality, Confidence, Competence

We have carried out hundreds of surveys. So, it is likely that our award-winning experts have previously assessed electromagnetic fields in your sector. Our EMF modelling and measurement methods are derived from state-of-the-art space technology. As a result, we were awarded a place in the European Space Agency BIC. After successfully completing the ESA BIC programme, the advanced services we developed can now be applied to your project.

Who Can Carry Out This Work?

Authoritative bodies recommend that electromagnetic safety assessments should be carried out by competent persons. EMFcomp Limited has an excellent track record of demonstrating compliance with the EMF regulations and EMF guidance for any sector. We are the UK’s premium EMF safety specialists. Our award-winning services are able to decipher the details within EMF legislation and present them in easy-to-understand language. This results in a detailed report, clear guidance and recommendations for your application.

We can be involved at any stage to provide thorough, high quality EMF assistance for your company’s project. Our chartered consultants work efficiently alongside site teams or contractors, ensuring that our safety assessments cause minimal disruption to ongoing project delivery. We carry out electromagnetic radiation surveys in many different workplace environments, anywhere in the UK. We can take EMF measurements where and when it is most convenient for you.

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