Automotive and EMF Safety

  • Confused About Electromagnetic Field Risks In The Automotive Industry?
  • Unsure How The New EMF Regulations Affects Your Organisation?
  • Want To Avoid Enforcement Action Related To Employee EMF Exposure?
  • Require A Chartered Radiation Safety Specialist To Assess EMF Hazards?

What EMF Hazards Are Associated With The Automotive Sector?

Production processes in the automotive industry often use high currents. These high currents lead to high magnetic fields. Examples include electric welding and melting procedures, such as arc and resistance welding, induction furnaces and induction heating.

Additionally, the charging of electric and hybrid cars routinely produce high stray magnetic fields. Large magnetic fields can generate adverse health effects in people. They can also interfere with cardiac devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators.

What Is The Legal Situation Related To EMF Safety?

Because of the adverse health effects caused by exposure to magnetic fields, the UK has introduced legislation, The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work (CEMFAW) Regulations 2016. This places a responsibility on employers to assess and, if necessary, limit their workers exposure to this electromagnetic radiation.

Failure to comply with this new legislation can lead to hazards in the workplace and ultimately enforcement action.

Who Can Carry Out These EMF Safety Assessments?

The EMF regulations state that electromagnetic field assessments, measurements and calculations should be planned and carried out by competent persons at regular intervals. The EMF specialists at EMFcomp Limited can assess your employees’ electromagnetic field exposure and achieve compliance with the relevant regulations. This allows your organisation to continue with its core work in the automotive sector whilst complying with this latest health and safety legislation.

We are the UK’s premium EMF Safety Specialists. EMFcomp Limited has a large amount of knowledge and experience in radiation safety and the new EMF Regs. Our award-winning services are able to decipher the details within EMF legislation and present them in easy to understand language. This enables you to understand the issues clearly and accurately assess the risks from radiation exposure to electrical equipment and steps required to achieve compliance with the EMF Regulations.

Organisations we have worked with include: European Commission • BBC • IAEA • Public Health England • National Grid • Nissan • Senator • Severfield • Mitsubishi • Royal Society of Canada • EDF Energy • Selex • AT&T • Dacia • AECOM • SGS • Jaguar Land Rover • Glasgow Airport • Toyota

EMFcomp’s experts have a large amount of experience in EMF safety, allowing us to provide you with authoritative radiation protection advice and services. We recently co-wrote the European Commission’s Guide on EMF Safety, ‘The Practical Guide to the EMF Directive’ that forms the basis for assessing compliance with new UK EMF legislation ‘The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016’ (CEMFAW). The advice, measurement and modelling services that we provide in electromagnetic safety are based on the most recent scientific research.


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