Phone Mast & Antenna Studies

Areas close to phone mast antennas are often one of the most ‘at risk’ workplaces for radiofrequency or RF field exposure.

Rooftop areas often accommodate high power base station antenna arrays, radio transmitters, phone masts and other high frequency field sources. Hence, operators and stakeholders require qualified experts to provide EMF assessment services of the highest quality. Our award-winning, chartered specialists can provide that level of quality. We can offer custom EMF assessments for all applications related to antenna exposure, including rooftop analysis, frequency specific assessments and SAR modelling for personnel. We can adapt our procedures to meet any project requirements. Please get in touch for more details.


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Dr Richard Findlay

Leaders in RF Assessment

With decades of experience across many industrial sectors, EMFcomp are the UK’s leading RF assessment organisation. We can measure fields from base stations, radio and TV transmitters, calculate electric fields produced by various antennas and model the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR in workers. Whatever your phone mast application or issue, our Chartered Radiation Protection Professionals can help.

Premium Assessment Experience

We have assessed numerous telecoms sites, from those producing long-wave radio emissions to radar installations and satellite ground stations. Our Founder and Managing Director, Dr Richard Findlay, is a leading EMF safety specialist. Richard is currently the Chair of the Society for Radiological Protection’s EMF Safety Committee. He is also a Fellow of the SRP, a Chartered Radiation Protection Professional and has published over twenty scientific papers on electromagnetic fields during the last three decades.

Space Science

Our EMF modelling and measurement methods are derived from state-of-the-art technology in the space science sector. As a result, we were awarded a place in the European Space Agency BIC. After successfully completing the ESA BIC programme, the advanced services we developed can now be applied to your project. Get in touch today for a no obligation, free consultation.

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