Overhead Power Line Evaluations

Overhead power lines transport electricity at various high voltages, from 400 kV to 400 V.

These overhead lines are unshielded, so can generate significant electric and magnetic fields. Power frequency fields can produce adverse health effects in people, if these fields are strong enough. With decades of experience in low frequency field exposure, EMFcomp is the leading provider of power line safety surveys. Our award-winning chartered experts are thorough and meticulous in their surveys of overhead lines of any design or construction, helping clients comply with the latest legal requirements for EMF exposure.


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Dr Richard Findlay

Experts in EMF Exposure Compliance

Our specialists act as an independent third party, and will always remain impartial in both our surveys and recommendations. We will work with clients so they obtain an in-depth understanding of EMF regulations, and can therefore implement the correct remedial actions. Everything we do is informed by a sound knowledge of industry best practice. Our Managing Director, Dr Richard Findlay, is a Fellow for the Society for Radiological Protection and Chair of the SRP’s EMF & Optical Radiation Committee, so we remain at the forefront of compliance, innovation, and service delivery. Our EMF consultants work quickly and professionally when assessing low frequency electric and magnetic fields form overhead lines. We are also sensitive to the needs of clients, especially with regards to safeguarding vulnerable ‘at risk’ workers – employees fitted with cardiac devices.

Quality, Confidence, Competence

We can be brought on board at any stage in a project to provide a thorough EMF survey. Our operatives work efficiently alongside site teams and third-party contractors, so our inspections cause minimal disruption to ongoing project delivery. We want our clients to have full visibility on our compliance projects. We are happy to produce progress reports or answer questions at any stage of the assessment.

Professional Guidance

We are the UK’s premium EMF safety specialists. Our award-winning professional guidance can guide a client through the myriad of EMF regulations and standards. The result of an assessment is a detailed report, with clear guidance and recommendations for your application. We carry out electromagnetic radiation surveys in many different workplace environments, anywhere in the UK. We can take EMF measurements where and when it is most convenient for your organisation.

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