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Does your company require a quality EMF assessment of a substation or overhead power line? Do you need a competent EMF survey for your telecommunications site, a nearby phone mast or antenna array? Whatever your concerns, the premium safety services we deliver can provide a solution.


EMF Directive & Standards Compliance

EMFcomp are the UK’s leading experts in EMF analysis, including assessment for compliance with the EMF Directive 2013/35/EU and associated EMF standards.

Pacemaker & ICD Interference Assessments

Pacemakers and other active or passive implanted medical devices can be highly susceptible to electromagnetic fields.

Substation Surveys

Electrical substations are designed to step down high
voltages using transformers.

Phone Mast & Antenna Studies

Areas close to phone mast antennas are often one of the most ‘at risk’ workplaces for radiofrequency or RF field exposure.

Overhead Power Line Evaluation

Overhead power lines transport electricity at various high voltages, from 400 kV to 400 V.

Dr Richard Findlay

Pacemaker & ICD Assessments

Electromagnetic fields can interfere with a worker’s cardiac device. EMF limits exist for personnel such as this, identified as ‘workers at particular risk’. Discover how our EMF surveys protect employees with active (pacemakers, defibrillators) or passive (screws, plates and rods) implanted medical devices.

EMF Compliance

Various electromagnetic safety directives, legislation and guidance exists to protect workers from the adverse health effects associated with EMF exposure. Employers have a responsibility to assess, and if necessary, limit, worker exposure to electromagnetic exposure. Here, we explain how we do it.

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