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With decades of experience in electromagnetic fields, EMFcomp is the UK’s leading EMF assessment company. Whatever your organisation’s sector or issue, our Chartered Radiation Protection Professionals can help. Get in touch for your free consultation.

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Electromagnetic fields affect people’s health. Together, we can protect against exposure hazards. We assess workers’ EMF exposure, helping you to keep people safe from the dangers of excessive levels. Providing premium EMF assessments is our business. Our work is tailored to your company; we do not carry out assessments for the public. If you need an EMF survey for your facility, an assessment for your development or EMF analysis of your equipment, our experts can help.

Dr Richard Findlay
Dr Richard Findlay Dr Richard Findlay

We know that safety is your highest priority. Like you, we believe that no one should be injured or made ill through their work. Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can cause adverse health effects. You need to understand how employee exposure compares with limits set out in the EMF Regulations. Then, you can be sure to have at least met the minimum statutory requirements. If you have five or more employees, the law states that you must complete an EMF risk assessment. Unfortunately, EMF evaluations are complicated. We can carry out this EMF assessment for you.

EMFcomp is an award-winning consultancy specialising in premium electromagnetic safety services. We have decades of experience in EMF safety. Our Founder and Managing Director, Dr Richard Findlay, is a leading EMF safety specialist. He is the past Chair of the Society for Radiological Protection’s (SRP) EMF Safety Committee. He is also a Fellow of the SRP, a Chartered Radiation Protection Professional and has published over twenty scientific papers on electromagnetic fields during the last three decades.

We have carried out hundreds of EMF safety assessments. It is likely that our specialists have assessed electromagnetic fields in your sector. With our extensive experience, significant skills and consistent five-star reviews, we are the perfect partner for your EMF assessment. Unlike larger organisations, EMFcomp are proud to offer a bespoke, quality service with every client benefiting from direct access to our hands-on leadership team of experts.

Dr Richard Findlay

Non-compliance with the EMF Regulations can result in reputation damage, reduced employee morale and costs due to sick pay, higher insurance premiums and fines. The average health and safety fine in 2018/19 was £150,000 against a backdrop of £54.5 million worth of fines imposed.

This does not have to happen. EMFcomp have completed hundreds of EMF safety studies in various sectors over the last decade. Following the assessment, we will produce a detailed technical report for you. This will meet your organisation’s legal requirement to comply with Statutory Instrument No. 588, the Control of  Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016 (CEMFAW).

EMFcomp is SafeContractor accredited and an Affiliate of the Society for Radiological Protection. We provide a wide range of electromagnetic assessments from human EMF exposure modelling to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurements. Contact us for a no obligation, free consultation.

Our Services

Having completed hundreds of EMF assessments, we can offer a range of services. We will help you deliver projects on time, within budget, and in compliance.


EMF Regulations

Exposure to EMFs can harm employees.

EMF Surveys

Does your organisation require an EMF survey to comply with regulatory requirements and limits?

EMF Modelling

EMFcomp has an unrivalled ability to carry out complex computer modelling of EMF exposure situations.

EMI & EMC Analysis

We can assess hazards presented by electromagnetic inference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues.

EMF Compliance Services

We are leaders in examining compliance with EMF legislation, guidance and limits.

RF Assessments

EMFcomp are the UK’s leading experts in radiofrequency or RF assessments.

Dr Richard Findlay
Dr Richard Findlay

Our Sectors

We have delivered projects across many sectors to the highest standard. The result? An ability to offer custom EMF services for your particular industry and application.



With decades of experience in electromagnetic safety, EMFcomp has the skills, knowledge and experience required to expertly assess EMF exposure in the industrial sector.


Exposure environments in the telecommunications sector are often one of the most ‘at risk’ workplaces for radiofrequency or RF field emissions.


With extensive technical skills, knowledge
and experience in the electromagnetic field exposure
risks encountered in the energy generation and
distribution sectors.


EMFcomp has extensive experience in the construction sector.


EMFcomp has a long history of providing EMF safety
services for the healthcare sector.

Your Concerns

Do you need a quality EMF assessment of a substation or power line? Does your company need to follow EMF regulations or pacemaker guidance? Do you require an EMF survey for your site, a phone mast or antenna array? We can help.


EMF Directive & Standards Compliance

EMFcomp are the UK’s leading experts in EMF analysis, including assessment for compliance with the EMF Directive 2013/35/EU and associated EMF standards.

Pacemaker & ICD Interference Assessments

Pacemakers and other active or passive implanted medical devices can be highly susceptible to electromagnetic fields.

Substation Surveys

Electrical substations are designed to step down high
voltages using transformers.

Phone Mast & Antenna Studies

Areas close to phone mast antennas are often one of the most ‘at risk’ workplaces for radiofrequency or RF field exposure.

Overhead Power Line Evaluation

Overhead power lines transport electricity at various high voltages, from 400 kV to 400 V.

Dr Richard Findlay
Best Service Winner
Best Service Winner
Best New Business Finalist
Best New Business Finalist

Gold Standard EMF Assessments

<p>The skills, knowledge and experience we possess allows us to provide high quality EMF assessments across a wide range of industries.</p>

The skills, knowledge and experience we possess allows us to provide high quality EMF assessments across a wide range of industries.

<p>We invest heavily in both equipment and training to continually improve the wide range of services we offer to our clients.</p>

We invest heavily in both equipment and training to continually improve the wide range of services we offer to our clients.

<p>This has resulted in our ability to deliver specialist services to the highest standard. Get in touch today for a no obligation, free consultation.</p>

This has resulted in our ability to deliver specialist services to the highest standard. Get in touch today for a no obligation, free consultation.

Dr Richard Findlay

Professional Compliance Advice

A wide range of services

EMFcomp has access to a wide range of services in the EMF safety sector. This helps clients put in place any extra requirements following their EMF assessment. We have an extensive contact network of manufacturers and contractors. So, we can also assist with EMF equipment procurement and installation.

An independent third party

Our specialists act as an independent third party using the scientific facts. Our EMF business always remains impartial in our work. We work closely with clients. This enables them to obtain an in-depth understanding of the EMF regulations.

Working promptly and professionally

Our EMF experts work promptly and professionally when reviewing safety measures. We are always sensitive to the needs of business owners and employees. We are particularly focused on ‘at risk’ workers. These are employees that are more susceptible to electromagnetic fields. They include pacemaker or ICD wearers, workers with metal implants and pregnant employees.


Client Focus & Value

We can be involved at any stage to provide thorough, high quality EMF assistance for your company’s project. As an EMF business, our chartered consultants work efficiently alongside site teams or contractors, ensuring that our safety assessments cause minimal disruption to ongoing project delivery.

  • We carry out electromagnetic radiation surveys in many different workplace environments, anywhere in the UK.
  • We can take EMF measurements where and when it is most convenient for you.
  • We want our clients to have full visibility of our work on compliance projects.
  • We can provide customers with updates and progress reports as required.
  • If any queries arise either during or after an assessment, we will always answer these questions promptly and in detail.
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